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Registration Fee: All registration fees are non-refundable

$125.00 for all returning students if paid by February 19th.
$250 for all new students, and all students registered after February 19th. 




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 Tuition is paid on the first of the month for 10 months of the year, September through June.  All accounts use an automatic checking account withdrawal system.  The amount of your child/children's tuition is automatically withdrawn from your personal checking or saving account on the first of each month.  There will be a $15.00 late fee charged monthly for delinquent accounts.
  If a student enrolls after the first of the month, tuition will be prorated at $23/day for that month.  There is no refund if a student is withdrawn or expelled during the month.  Student records will be released when the account is paid in full.  All fees from the previous school year must be paid before registering for the new school year.

K/4                    $5,000 per year      $500.00 per month (over 10 months)
K-6th                  $5,000 per year      $500.00 per month (over 10 months)
7th-8th                $5,250 per year      $525.00 per month (over 10 months)
9th-12th               $5,350 per year      $535.00 per month (over 10 months)

Family Tuition Discounts:
5% discount when pre-paying tuition yearly
First Student:  Full Rate
Second Student:  20% discount
Additional Students:  10% graduated discount for each additional child

Late Registration

$25 monthly increase in tuition for students registered after June 1.


Book Fees

K-4                         $177.00
K-5                         $177.00
First Grade               $493.00
Second Grade           $493.00
Third Grade              $499.00  
Fourth Grade            $499.00
Fifth Grade               $467.00
Sixth Grade              $467.00
Seventh Grade          $365.00
Eighth Grade            $399.00
High School              $425.00


Fun Fusion/P.E.

Fun Fusion is an hour of organized fun. Mr. Gaynor our resident P.E. and Fun Fusion teacher is AMAZING! The kids love him. All students benefit from this program.


Four-year old kindergarten through third grade $60.00 for the year or $6.00/month.

One hour each week.


4th Grade through 6th Grade, no additional cost - two hours/week for P.E./Fun Fusion.


7th - 12th Grade, no additional cost - four hours/week as an elective.