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Our Academics

We purpose to provide the highest standards of education by using a varied curriculum based on the academic needs of each grade level.

Literacy if the foundational core for every successful student and is of primary importance in our Kindergarten and Elementary Programs. From beginning sounds and phonics through advanced language comprehension, we are sure to give ample attention to the literacy of each student. 


Our science program is as robust as our other subjects, teaching in such areas as Biology, Life Sciences, Geology and Chemistry in the upper grades. Our elementary students have the opportunity to experience the wonder of God's creation through many hands-on projects and experiments.

Writing / English

The English and Writing courses offered at EVCS comprise of various practices and skills. From expansive vocabulary skills to English composition our students gain a comprehensive understanding of both the English language, grammatical structure and intent.


The Bible program at EVCS brings students into the Word itself. Using memorization, referencing, critical thinking, and informative essays our students' understanding of God's Word is solidified. Exposure to God's written Word is the lasting legacy we desire to impart in each special life.


On the elementary level, the math curriculum is taught through the Abeka program. Within the upper grades, we use the time tested and proved Bob Jones University program, with classes ranging from Algebra to Calculus. 

Physical Education

Exercise of the body is just as important as exercise of the mind. At EVCS, we offer a P.E. program for the 7-12th graders as an elective. Our elementary students, enjoy P.E. combined with fun, to promote strong healthy bodies.

Eagle View Christian School
Est. 1995

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