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Painting Equipments

Our Middle and High School Students are a special and valued group. This age group is unique as they undergo physical and emotional changes. The challenge for our teachers and staff is to balance the loving reinforcement of Christian values with the budding self-confidence and expression of an independent personality. Our educators exhibit this perfect balance by tempering each new challenge with patience, love, and direction.


Jr. & Sr. High

College Friends
Technology Class
Image by Jamie Taylor
Math Formulas and a Calculator
Image by Jeswin Thomas
Image by Garrett Jackson


Nationally ranked, EV students consistently place well above the national averages.  University bound EV Seniors are prepared for the rigorous college challenge.  Elevated internal standards of grading by EV fosters a high quality of study skills and competency for future academic challenges. 


During each student's educational career, there are many opportunities to identify the special talents and abilities  of each student. The skills and gifts of each individual are recognized and fostered. As part of their educational experience, we want students to view themselves with confidence in their unique contribution to the world.


As our students take the final steps of their primary educational journey, we see the indelible spirit of faith that has been well grounded and nourished at EVCS. As they graduate from our school, our hope is they will know the God who created and loves them now and through all the adventures yet to come.


The ability to communicate clearly and effectively is of the utmost importance for engaging in society.  Of equal importance is a well rounded young adult, prepared to successfully engage with the world around them and given the opportunity, share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. 

Eagle View Christian School
Est. 1995

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