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Elementary Education

Grades 1-6

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Reading Skills

Reading is the cornerstone for all other educational endeavors. EVCS students consistently score above the national average in Reading Assessments.

Low student-to-teacher ratios in daily reading groups and AR assessments are priority standards EVCS utilizes for more personalized attention of students' specific reading needs.


Social Skills

Equal with academics is each student's ability to interact within their peer group. These specialized skills are both developmental and necessary. Our standards of conduct keep every child safe while they find their place creating new friendships.

Girl Holding BIble

Godly Character

At the forefront of EVCS' educational goals is the pursuit and development of godly character. Through Biblical studies, chapel, and personal example, the student body of Eagle View is a glowing reflection of Christ's love to our community.

Eagle View Christian School
Est. 1995

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