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Image by Kimberly Farmer
Image by Kimberly Farmer

4-5 Year Old Jump-Start Kindergarten

EVCS offers K4/5 classes for our littlest learners.  The full-day schedule fills the day from 8:50 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. Each class enjoys phonics, math, art, and early reading skills, among many other activities and events that fill their day. Recess is held twice a day to make sure everyone can get out their wiggles and return to class ready to learn. 


Picked Red Apples

September "Apple Art" - Stamping with different cuts of apple to make various shapes celebrating the Fall season. 


Dr. Seuss Clip Art.gif

March "Dr. Seuss Crafts" - Celebrating the wonder of childhood through the creativity of one of America's most beloved authors. Dr. Seuss week allows the children to engage with their creative and fun-loving side through various activities, crafts, and of course - story time.


Image by Gautam Arora

Annual "Alphabet Book" - This beautiful keepsake is composed of all the letters the children have learned to read and phonetically apply. 


Image by Josh Applegate

The advanced level of education can be most strongly identified by the reading skills that each K/5 graduate possesses. Our precious K/5 learners will end the year with the ability to read beginner level books and stories.


Image by Svetlana Sidorenko

December "Christmas Crafts - Wreaths, Stockings, and Ornaments" Each one is a valued treasure for a lifetime. 


Image by Matthew Lancaster

"Country Day" - As the school year comes to a close our K/4-5 students turn into the most adorable cowboys and cowgirls. This special time revives the Old West through projects and activities. 


Image by Ben White

Scripture Memorization - Even at this young age, it is important to securely ground our students in the Word of God. Various passages are memorized throughout the year. 


Image by Jerry Wang

Fine Motor Skills are an equally important element for our youngest learners by the practice of letter formation and the utilization of small components and of course scissor work.  Through fun projects, the students joyfully develop their fine motor skills. 

Little Minds - Big Hearts

EVCS is a place where imagination is fostered.  Caring and dedicated teachers and staff work in unison to encourage creativity in each individual student. 

Eagle View Christian School
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