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ABC Countdown

It's Time For The ABC Countdown!

Get ready to celebrate summer as our school year comes to a close.

Every year our students and staff participate in the last 26 school days till summer by using themed days based on each letter of the alphabet. Starting with A and ending with Z on the last day of school, everyone has a great time. This year our countdown begins on May 10th.

Everyone is ready for some summertime fun!

How to Participate?

Everyone gets to celebrate in their own special way. Some students dress up, some classes have special activities, maybe it's a decorated classroom or a theme for lesson. No matter what strikes your fancy you can always have a great time closing out a fantastic year with your EVCS friends.

What are the themes?

Each year has it's own unique themes which will be sent home with your student as the date nears.

Congrats on another great year EVCS!

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